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What is a gaiwan?

Among all teaware, a gaiwan is the most widely used in China. If you aren’t familiari with such teaware, you may think it’s meant for drinking tea. Yet, the most common application of a traditional gaiwan is to prepare tea. The advantage of using a cup to steep is because it’s easier to observe the leaves compared to a teapot. Moreover, when the tea is almost done you can take of the lid and smell the inner surface to appreciate the aroma of the tea.

This piece of teaware can be made from different materials such as Yixing zisha clay, glass, Jingdezhen porcelain or jade, each with their different advantages and disadvantages.

Are you ready to take your tea brewing to the next level? Then read this guide first: How to use a gaiwan?

If you’re brewing more oxidised teas such as oolong or pu erh, you might wonder why you should go for a gaiwan instead of a Yixing teapot. Read our explanation here: gaiwan versus yixing.

Easy Gaiwan Set

While traditional gaiwans have their advantages, they aren’t very easy to use at the beginning. If you don’t use them carefully, you might burn your hands or just end up with a messy table. To make it easier to brew tea, yet maintain the gaiwan experience, the ‘Easy Gaiwan’ was developed. These vessels have a somewhat modified design that allows for a better grip and easier pouring experience.

Gaiwan for sale

If you’re ready for some fun gaiwan brewing, then make sure to browse this category page. Our whole collection is curated by experts and are made from authentic materials.

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Blue Lotus’ Floral Chinese Gaiwan Tea Cup (120 ml / 4.1 oz)

A white Chinese gaiwan tea cup with floral theme. Classic blue look with oriental lotus flowers.

Double Happiness’ Chinese Red Wedding Set: 2 Gaiwans, Bowls, Chopsticks, Spoons & 1 Tray

A red Chinese wedding tea set with 'double happiness' character. The set consists of 2 red gaiwan cups with lid and saucer; 2 bowls for 'glutinous rice balls' as well as 2 pairs of red chopsticks, 2 spoons and a tray. Traditional red design with a modern touch.

Easy Travel Gaiwan Tea Set ‘Persimmon Paradise’

This portable travel set includes an easy gaiwan and cup with a wonderful ceramic crackle glaze. They're packed in a hard case to conveniently carry it along your travels. THIS IS A PRE-ORDER PRODUCT: you can order this product with a discount as long as stock lasts. The product will be shipped before the 31st of March. You may add other products to your order, but they will be shipped together with this product before the 31st of March.

Glass Gaiwan – Premium Cooking Grade, Hardened Clear Glass (120 ml / 4 oz)

A clear glass Chinese gaiwan unbiased appreciation of tea leaves and tea color. This gaiwan is made from hardened, heat-proof 'cooking grade' glass.

Obscured Glass Easy Gaiwan – Opaque Style Tea Infuser, Travel Tea Maker (150ml/5oz)

Isn’t this just simply beautiful? Feel the tranquilness expressed by this glass tea maker (or 'easy gaiwan'). It fully owns its Instagram-proof looks to its beautiful obscured glass and the artistic shape further accentuated by gold style finishing.

Paradise of the Fish’ Chinese Gaiwan Tea Set (120 ml / 4.1 oz)

A beautiful Chinese gaiwan tea set with pretty orange gold fishes swimming in 'paradise'.

Ru Kiln Artisan Cat Gaiwan – Handmade Ruyao Gaiwan, Crackle Glaze 160ml

Your next gaiwan, isn’t just a gaiwan. It has a soul of a companionable cat. It’s an artisan gaiwan with a crackle glaze of Ru Kiln fired at 1360°C. It’s a handmade. It’s magical.

Vintage Meditation’ Chinese Gaiwan Cup (120 ml / 4.1 oz)

A Chinese gaiwan cup with calligraphy characters and vintage brown edges. The large character in the middle means 'meditation' or 'zen' and is often used to represent Buddhism.

Yixing Gaiwan – Zisha Clay Easy Gaiwan 100ml

Who says you've to choose between a porcelain gaiwan and an yixing teapot? Instead of traditional porcelain, this 'easy gaiwan' is made from authentic zisha clay.