Chinese tea cups

In China, they say a real tea lover is always attached to their favorite Chinese tea cup. If you don’t own one yet, then you’ve luckily found the right page. We’re proud to present you our collection of China tea cups online. They’re made from different materials including porcelain, ceramic, and bone china.

Design is always very personal. That’s we’ve made sure our small tea cups come in a big diversity of oriental looks. Whether you’re into hand-painted birds, flowers, phoenixes, and dragons, or beautiful mountains and landscapes, there’s always an Asian tea cup design that you’ll love. Some of our cute tea cups even have an old traditional or antique look that makes them worth adding to your collectibles. Or some even have unusual weird looks, but as we said it’s all a matter of taste.

Chinese tea cups wholesale

Our Chinese teacups aren’t only beautiful and unique, but they’re all offered at a wholesale price starting from just one piece. Moreover, when you order more there will be a quantity discount. They’re cheap because we source them directly from quality China factories that are specialized in tea accessories. In other words, the price is inexpensive, but the quality will exceed your expectations. In case you’re planning to place a bulk order (50 pcs or more) then have a look at our wholesale Chinese teacups collection.

Start browsing and buy your cool, cute, or pretty-looking Chinese teacups online today!

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2 x Red Gaiwan Tea Sets & Tea Tray – Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony Theme

The perfect Chinese wedding tea ceremony Set consisting of a red tea tray and 2 red gaiwan tea cups with the traditional 'double happiness' character. Instagram and wedding photography worthy!

Black Glazed Tea Cup NO. 6 ‘Dark Magic’ – Tenmoku Pottery (60ml / 2oz

A clay cup with a fine ceramic glaze in dark black and brown color. High temperatures baked. Super durable.

Glazed Ceramic Tea Cup NO.2 ‘Spiral Ice’ (125ml / 4.2oz)

An artisan tea cup with a glazed layer of ice green ceramic, beautifully finished with a spiral design.

Hand Painted Tea Cups ‘Calligraphy Masters’ – Blue and White Porcelain Tea Cup Set of 4 (40 ml)

4 fine blue and white tea cups set made from porcelain displaying hand painted traditional Chinese characters in Chinese calligraphy style.

Jian Yao Rose Golden Tea Cup NO. 7 ‘Golden Age’ (65ml / 2.2oz)

A large and flat tenmoku chawan with magnificent rose gold glazing.

Mini Clay Tea Cup ‘Slice of Tree’ – Cool Yixing Tea Cups (40ml / 1.35oz)

How funny and cool is this unusual looking tea cup that resembles a tree trunk.

Porcelain tea cups set of 6 (66 ml / 2.2 oz)

The most beautiful porcelain tea cups set from China. Each cup with its own unique blue white coloured design consisting of different floral lotus and fish patterns.

Red Tea Cups Set of 6 – ‘Double Happiness’ Chinese Wedding Symbol

A set of 6 red colored ceramic cups with the ‘Double Happiness’ Chinese character.

Small Porcelain Tea Cup, Fish & Lotus Pond Artwork 60ml

A high quality porcelain tea cup with a colorful and calming artwork of cute fishes swimming in a lotus pond.

Small Yixing Teapot ‘Gong Deng Hu ‘ – Da Hong Pao Zhu Ni Clay Teapot 110 ml

100% handmade red clay (Da Hong Pao Zhu Ni) teapot in the classic ‘palace lantern’ style. Small and exquisite. This teapot is perfect for your me-time tea sessions.

The “Five Great Kilns” Crackle Glaze Tea Cup Set

In cooperation with a ceramic artist from De Hua, we present you this wonderful set of tea cups. Each represents a style of one of the Five Great Kilns: ru ware, jun ware, guan ware, ding ware, ge ware.