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Brewing tea bags have been long preferred over making loose tea in teapots. The main reason for tea lovers to brew tea bags is its convenience as you only need to infuse tea bag with hot water. The difficulty of brewing loose leaf tea in traditional teapots is that you still have to separate loose tea leaves. This reason is not valid anymore with Teasenz introducing its highly convenient glass teapot infusers collection.

  • Easy to use: Making your perfect cup of tea has never been this easy. Teasenz offers different built-in solutions to make your loose tea brewing experience unforgettably convenient. The secret is the infuser that comes with most of our teapots that allows you to strain your leaves with ease. Others also come with a button on top of the lid that allows you to let the tea flow out of the infuser right in to the pot. If you don’t need to remove the leaves between the steeps, then go for one that has a filter inside the sprout.
  • Easy to clean: Cleaning your teapot is even easier than you think. The only thing you have to do is to detach the infuser part after use and rinse it thoroughly with hot water. Since our teapots and infusers are also dishwasher safe you can also let your dishwasher do the work for you.
  • Best material: our glass teapots of the highest quality borosilicate glass that are resistant to heat up to 150 C! Moreover, they’ve perfect optical clarity. Besides glassware, you’ll also find authentic zisha teapots made by artists in the city of Yixing.
  • Multiple sizes: Tea pots in the Teasenz collection comes in different shapes and sizes. First determine whether you planning to use the teapot for yourself or in larger groups. For personal use, a small tea pot that makes 500 ml (17 oz) or less should be the best choice. For enjoying tea with others, pick a larger design tea pot to impress your friends or family.

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