Tea Infuser Mugs

Besides our teapots and individual tea strainers, this category presents our quality collection of tea mugs that can be your perfect loose tea infuser.

Why Tea Infuser Mugs?

Our infuser mugs are great because they come with a built in infuser. This handy piece allows you to easily strain the leaves and let the perfectly steeped tea flow into your glass. Moreover, all our mugs come with a lid that helps to isolate the heat during a brewing session or simply keep your tea hot. Pretty handy, if you don’t want to rush and enjoy your tea slowly.

Tea mug with lid to keep your tea hot

A tea mug with lid can be made from different materials. We’ve got infuser cups made from glass, Yixing clay, as well as tea travel tumblers made from steel and high grade plastics. The lids of our tea brewing cups also come in many shapes and materials. A steel lid makes the cup look modern, while the bamboo lid offers a tranquil natural look.

Tea strainer cup infuser types

There are basically two types of infusers, one that you need to raise to strain the leaves and one that you can filter the leaves by pressing the button on the lid. It’s hard to say which one is the best, and it’s just a matter of personal preference. To find out how they work, you can watch the videos on the product pages.

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Double Wall Glass Tea Tumbler with Infuser/Storage 238 ml (8oz)

Discover a completely new way of making tea. With this double wall glass tumbler you can make tea with just a simple turn. Its world-class design is elegant and modern. Yet, it offers an exceptionally convenient and cool tea brewing experience.

Glass Tea Mug with Stainless Steel Infuser & Lid (500 ml / 17 oz)

Graceful in appearance yet highly heat resistant and dishwasher safe, this 500 ml (17 oz) glass mug houses a matching, removable tea infuser with a shiny stainless steel lid. A Teasenz exclusive.

Large Yixing Tea Mug with Strainer ‘Gathering Fortune’ 550ml / 18.5oz

A handmade yixing tea mug for a simple, yet perfect brewing experience. This clay tea mug comes with an easy filter for straining tea leaves.

Mini Glass Tea Infuser Mug with Lid, Stainless Steel Filter 350ml/ 12oz

A small glass tea mug with stainless steel infuser and lid. Great for steeping small portions of tea with multiple infusions. Heat resistant between -20 to 180ºC.

Tea for one tea mug with infuser & stainless steel lid (500 ml / 16.9 oz)

A highly attractive glass tea mug. It has a removable glass tea infuser and a separate trendy matt stainless steel lid.

Tea Infuser Mug for Loose Leaf Tea – Extra Large (600 ml / 20.3 oz)

An extra-large infuser mug for the serious tea lover. Making tea is simple and efficient: Add tea leaves and hot water, press the button on the lid, remove the infuser, and there you go—a perfectly steeped mug of tea, as easy as using tea bags. Top rack dishwasher safe. A Teasenz exclusive.