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Blooming teapot – Clear glass teapot for flowering tea (300 ml / 10.1 oz)

A blooming teapot perfectly designed for Chinese blooming teas. Its tailor made height and width allows your blooming teas to beautifully unfurl. Made from exceptionally high quality borosilicate glass for perfect appreciation of your blooms.

Clear Glass Teapot with Ant Slip Lid Protection 350ml / 12oz

The lid falling off the teapot is a problem that's nearly as old as tea itself, making tea-pouring a two-handed operation. Our glass teapot with lid protection is specially designed with a smart handle that keeps the lid securely on the teapot when you pour

Cute Tea Infuser ‘Li Bai’ with Stainless Steel Infuser & Lid (470 ml / 15.9 oz)

A clear glass tea infuser named after one China's famous poet from the Tang dynasty 'Li Bai'.

Da Hong Pao Clay Teapot – Small Yixing Teapot 140 ml (4.7 oz)

A premium Yixing teapot made from authentic Da Hong Pao clay. Fully handcrafted by a certified Yixing artist: Li Xiao Ying.

Di Cao Qing Clay Teapot – Jing Lan Hu by Artist Li Xiao Ying 260 ml (8.8 oz)

An Yixing teapot shaped by female artist Li Xiao Ying. Made from highly breathable and porous Di Cao Qing clay.

Dragon Yixing Teapot – Dark Green Clay (Mo Lu Ni) Zisha Teapot 300 ml

A superb teapot entirely handmade by Yixing artist Wu Rong Hua. A rare type of dark green clay (mo lu ni), which has been stored for over 30 years, is used for this teapot.

Flat Bamboo ‘Ti Liang Hu’ Yixing Teapot- Duanni Clay, Bamboo Theme 190ml

Merging tradition and nature. That’s what inspired Certified Yixing artist Li to combined the traditional style of a high handle teapot (ti liang hu) with an oriental bamboo theme. 100% handmade from pure Duanni clay.

Gong Chun’ Yixing Teapot, Small Da Hong Pao Clay Teapot 150ml

A fully handmade Yixing teapot with an artistic shape known as ‘Gong Chun’. This unusual and nature inspired teapot is made from Duanni clay.

Jian Tea Cup NO. 8 ‘ Heavenly Flower’ 70ml / 2.35oz

A Jian tea cup, which due to its relatively large size is also often referred to as a Jian Zhan tea bowl.

Obscured Glass Easy Gaiwan – Opaque Style Tea Infuser, Travel Tea Maker (150ml/5oz)

Isn’t this just simply beautiful? Feel the tranquilness expressed by this glass tea maker (or 'easy gaiwan'). It fully owns its Instagram-proof looks to its beautiful obscured glass and the artistic shape further accentuated by gold style finishing.

Pumpkin Yixing Teapot, Zi Ni & Zhu Ni Clay – Nan Gua Hu 230ml

An Yixing teapot in the shape of a pumpkin made by Yixing artist: Li Xiao Lu. An incredible high difficulty Yixing teapot consisting of two types of clay (zi ni & zhu ni). A certificate of the artist is included.

Semi-Handmade Yixing Zisha Teapot Set – Purple Clay Teapot with 2 Cups 190 ml / 6.4 oz

A semi-handmade Yixing purple clay teapot by the famous artist Fan Xijun. Excellent zisha teapot to get the best flavor out of your tea leaves. With 2 free tea cups and packed inside a gift box.