Tea Storage Accessories

Looking for some loose tea storage ideas? Then this page will let you gain lots of inspiration. Storage requirements for tea are strict and therefore it’s important to learn about the different ways to store it. On this page you’ll find many different products that you can use to store your tea including storage jars, containers, canisters and boxes.

You’re a very visual person and you love to see the dry tea leaves? Then our glass storage jars are great and absolutely smell-free. However, do keep in mind that you shouldn’t expose it to direct sunlight. The safest way is to put the jar in a cabinet when not in use.

Most of the products you find on this page protects your tea from moist and bad odors. The lids of most of our tea storage canisters are airtight and keeps your loose tea as fresh as when they’re harvested.

Besides glass tea storage ideas, we’re also offering tea storage products made from bamboo. Compared to glass, bamboo isn’t smell-free, but the natural fragrance is highly compatible with some more oxidized oolong and pu erh teas. They’re also not as airtight as the glass containers, but in contrast to white and green teas, the more oxidized teas can use some air circulation.

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Duan Ni Tea Storage Jar – Yixing Tea Caddy

An Yixing tea caddy with a print of birds and flowers. Great for storing or awakening aged teas.

Red Ceramic Jar, ‘Double Happiness’ Character Engraved

A ceramic jar with a fine glaze in classic ‘China Red’ color. This red jar is engraved with a Chinese ‘double happiness’ character.

Yixing Tea Caddy – Zisha Clay Tea Storage Jar

An Yixing tea caddy fully manually made by female tea artist Fan Jingrong. Enjoy the features of authentic Long Xue Sha (Red Dragon clay) that doesn't only keeps your tea fresh, but its extra breathability also removes unpleasant aromas! Size: approx. 9.5x7 cm (4.5x3.5 inch). Baked at 1160 ºC (2120 ºF).